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The cosmic dimension of promotional gifts

The Galaxy collection of thermal mugs is a perfect combination of modern design, comfort of use and wide customization possibilities. They not only keep drinks at the right temperature, but also increase brand recognition through individual and unique branding.

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#Keep it hot, Keep it cool!

Galaxy thermal mugs keep warm for up to 15 hours and cool for up to 5 hours.
Their double-walled stainless steel construction, Vacuum Insulation, maintains the temperature for longer and protects the user's hands from burns.



#Extremely useful

Galaxy is an excellent choice for everyone who is looking for a stylish and functional gift for everyday use.
The mug closure equipped with the "Keep Open" system keeps the lid in a stable position, and the installed lock prevents accidental opening of the mug. 

#Guarantee of perfect tightness

Galaxy thermal mugs are extremely tight.
They have silicone seals installed under the lid and additional "Leak Proof" protection to protect against accidental opening and spilling of liquid.



#Mobile travel companion

The Galaxy line was designed to generally prevailing standards.
The body diameter is adapted to car holders. Now the mug will always be able to accompany you in all conditions.

#Unlimited possibilities of coloring

Let your imagination run wild and color the selected Galaxy model in any Pantone color with a glossy or matte finish.

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#Photorealistic 360° print quality

Get a photo-quality print and cover the entire surface of the thermal mug thanks to our 360° printing technology.

#Choose a spatial advertising message

Make an impression with eye-catching 3D decoration - now with an additionally paid - unique enhanced "Level plus" effect. They will perfectly emphasize the uniqueness of the brand and allow you to experience the spatial advertising message.

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#Elegant and durable engraving

Take advantage of the great potential of decorations thanks to the elegant engraving technique, which can be used even on colored or ready-printed products.

#Strengthen brand recognition with matching packaging included in the product price

Each product from the Galaxy line has a dedicated packaging, which you can customize to match the appearance of the mug. Packaging is added to each product free of charge.

#Sustainability and ecology

Thermal mugs from the Galaxy line are made of high-quality, durable materials, which guarantees their long life.
We also care about the ecological aspect of the collection, ensuring that the materials used to produce the mugs are environmentally friendly and meet Eco and "zero waste" requirements. Additionally, because Galaxy products are mobile, you no longer need to use disposable cups.


#Outdoor water bottle for special tasks

If you are looking for interesting outdoor solutions, choose something new in our offer - the Comet sports bottle with the possibility of customization. Made of tritan - a material that is completely safe, light, unbreakable, does not change the taste of stored drinks and protects the drink against UV radiation. Thanks to the fabric wrist lanyard available in several color options, it is an ideal gift not only for active people.


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New in the offer - Galaxy Full Digital


ow you can impress with a spatial and fully colored 360° print on the entire surface of the mug! Use an innovative technique of decoration.

"Your style, your energy, your Galaxy"


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