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Artwork preparation, orders & delivery

How to prepare artwork production files?

What does „full color” mean? Is it always consisted of 4 colors?

Is it possible to achieve accurate Pantone color reproduction on advertising ceramics?

Which technology is the best for photo-quality imprints?

What is the minimum order?

What is the possible discrepancy between the ordered amount and delivery?

How can I pack my advertising ceramics?

What are the possible order delivery dates?

Is it possible to order mugs not available in your catalogue?

What are the cost of transport?

How to prepare a custom design?


What do “®” and “NEW!” symbols mean?

Pricelist, calculator

What determines the cost of imprints?

Products, colors, durability of the imprint

How is the capacity of mugs and cups measured?

What is the durability of the imprint?

Is it possible to wash products with gold and silver imprint in dishwasher?

What is the difference between white porcelain and Royal White Porcelain?

Are advertising ceramic products approved for food contact?

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